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Microblading training

Take The Leap Into Brows Biggest Deal.

Miroblading is one of the most popular semi permanent tattoo procedures globally. Learning how to perform a cosmetic tattoo is daunting for most of our students. This is why our course goes above and beyond most other providers nationally by including compulsory pre training leading up to the course for your learning benefits.

By completing our guided pre training modules, you will be confident and capable in brow shaping, structuring and microblading skills before you even commence training. This allows us to focus on full theory and practical skills in the three day training. This approach also allows us to iron out any challenges or concerns over brows before we start the training, so you walk in with knowledge and out with confidence.
Can you see how our training is designed with your success in mind? You will leave your three day training with in depth knowledge and skills to give confidence and create amazing brows for your clients. Your kit gives you all the tools to make a return and profit on your course investment.

Pre Training Modules

Brow measuring with measuring tool on paper.

Spine lines on paper

Head strokes on paper

Lower strokes on paper

Upper strokes on paper

Hand tool and blade insertion

All above practiced on practice skin mats

In Training Modules

Hygiene & Product Quality

Hygiene & Sterilization

Feather Strokes Explained

The Three Layers Of Skin

Skin Depths & Microblading

Skin Scarring & Moles

Pigment Matching

Causes of Lost Pigment


AllergiesClient Pre Procedure Care

Client Post Procedure Care Student Completion of 4 Models

Certification Upon Completion

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