Online Training Courses

Why Choose Our Online Courses?

Welcome to Australia and New Zealand’s 5 star rated online lash and brow courses. With a dedicated online training team in both Australia and New Zealand ready to offer you tailored 1-1 support during your online training, you are guaranteed an experience not found with any other academy. In our courses we reveal all of our 10+ years of experience and knowledge to arm you will the right skills for success. Our guided video tutorials will have you thinking you are in class learning right next to us. Study at your own pace with 6 months access to our virtual classroom.

Online Brow Super Course

This course is for women looking to go from zero to elite in one huge online brow course. We have combines our online brow sculpting course, online henna brows course and online brow lamination course into one huge brow super course so you can offer all things brow magic to your clients. Our brow clientele don’t just book one brow service, they book a combination, so we feel it is our duty to teach you all the skills that enhance our very own salon too.

This super course will teach you from beginner to advanced, from basic to extra and from subtle to statement brows all in one. Receive a trio kit including wax and wax pot, all tints, a henna starter pack with 8 colours, a lamination kit to cover way over 30+ clients and all the disposables you need to do these services. We truly have set you up for success,

$2000 incl GST + postage

Online Classic Lash Extension Course

Lash extensions are the most requested services in the beauty industry. For some, they are an absolute necessity in life. Our online course will guide you through:

  • Lash extensions 101 – all things safety and hygiene.
  • Understanding lash lengths, curls and thickness
  • 4 Epic eye designs and the eye shapes they suit
  • Safe, speedy lash application on practice heads and live models
  • Lash removals, refills and aftercare
  • $1130 inclusive of GST and postage

Online Lash Lift Course

Lash lift, the original lash treatment! So underrated and SO much more popular than most think. Learn how to make your clients lashes pop without extensions in our easy to follow masterclass.

  • The safety importance behind any lash lift and why timing is key
  • Rod sizing and how to choose the perfect size for any client
  • Lash placement for the perfect, non criss-crossed, finish
  • Understanding the development process
  • ​Lash tinting for the ultimate look
  • $550 including GST and postage

Online Volume Lash Course

Learn L&BA’s exclusive methods of creating 2D-6D lash fans in our advanced volume lash course. This is designed for artists who have already have a solid foundation in individual/classic lash extensions.

  • Our simplified fanning techniques to create the ultimate fluffy look including lash retention 101
  • Learn 3 lash methods and 2 glue techniques and choose your fave
  • How to create the perfect hybrid set
  • Correct application to the clients natural lash 
  • ​Knowing your fans | hand made  | pre made | cluster 
  • $1130 including GST and postage

Online Ombré Brows Course

Ombré brows/powder brows/combination brows. So many names, one beautiful style of brow tattooing, Learn the L&BA signature ombré brow that has our clients referring all their friends to us.

  • What is ombré brows
  • Advanced head strokes
  • Bespoke spine line shading to clients desired finish
  • ​Soft tap shading
  • Creative gap filling
  • $1500 including GST and postage

Online Microblading Course

Learn one of the highest paid jobs and business in the beauty industry. Imagine earning up to $600 per client! Our online course will teach you:

  • Leading skills on how how create a bespoke brow shape for each client
  • ​Colour matching to perfection 
  • ​Includes infection control license and all you need to know about licenses
  • Stroke creation techniques, not taught in most beginner courses
  • $2500 inclusive of GST and postage

Online Brow Sculpting Course

Brow contact before eye contact! Our brow sculpting course was created by our Brow Masters here at the academy exclusively for you to learn how we perform this essential treatment.

  • Custom brow mapping 
  • 2 wax and tint methods for the perfect, personalised sculpt
  • ​Bespoke tinting to colour match clients individually
  • ​HD Brows ombré brow creation for our clients who want more
  • How to make your brows last up to 6 weeks
  • $1130 including GST and postage

Online Brow Lamination Course

Learn the biggest craze in brows globally! Brow lamination perms your brows into place for up to 6 weeks, giving your clients brows a fuller, fluffier appearance that lasts.

  • What is brow lamination and why is safety so important
  • Classic vs dramatic lamination
  • Creating laminated brows
  • That perfect long lasting look
  • Bonus module of brow sculpting & lamination for certified brow sculpt technicians
  • $550 including GST and postage

Online Henna Brow Course

Henna brows changed the brow industry as we knew it and took us all by storm. It’s gone from more traditional uses to being utilised in new and exciting ways.

Our online henna brow course will show you all you need to know about this new trend that is here to stay!

  • Why henna and brows go together
  • Henna colour matching – so many options, how to get the right one!
  • How to henna and wax
  • Henna ombré –  applying multiple henna colours to a brow and arch correction
  • $730 including GST and postage

Online Freedom Business Master Class

Have you learnt how to create amazing lashes and brows and are now ready to take the next step and turn your skills into a booming business?

Learn how we set up our home business from scratch and built to where we are today with our easy to understand online masterclass.

  • Beauty bed and LED light included!
  • Registering your business and setting up appealing socials that stand out
  • Using social media to grow a loyal, long lasting client base
  • ​Picture perfection and creating your own brand that will last you your career
  • ​All the systems and tools we use daily to run our client bookings
  • $550 including GST and postage