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Turn up the volume in class, or online.

Have you mastered giving your clients beautiful classic lashes but want to add more fullness to your sets? OR tried pre-made lash fans but aren’t getting good retention? Our 2 day volume course has you turning up the volume by introducing these advanced skills!

Applying pre-made fans is the same as classic application, do not get caught out paying for a course to show you what you already know how to do.Here are some points you need to consider before you book any old volume lash course and waste thousands of dollars.

  • Our intensive Russian Volume Lash Course will teach you how to create hand made lash fans by hand, plus correct application to the client’s natural lash. We will also teach you the increasingly popular hybrid method too.
  • Pre-made fans are a time saver, but creative killer. Russian volume can be tailored to the clients natural lashes where as pre-made fans are stock standard and cannot create that bespoke look.
  • Over our years in the industry we have selected a few hand-made methods that can be applied to all types of volume lash styles that we will show you in the simplest way possible.
  • Amazingly, you will save money on stock when you create fans yourself. Pre-made lash fan trays retail on average around $15-$20 each with only 12 rows of fans. Typically 1 mix tray for a full set. With trays of Russian individual lashes you will get so much more use & value out of one tray!

FYI lash babes, before enrolling in our course, you will be competent in individual lash application including perfect lash isolation and no lashes stuck together. Your kit included will give you the tools to complete up to 30 clients, meaning you can earn back your investment into the course as well as make a profit.

Our 2 day Russian Volume Lash course investment is $2200 Incl GST.

Our online Russian Volume Lash course investment is $1130 Incl GST.

Do you want to take it a step further and learn how to start and grow a successful home business? You need our Freedom Business Builder package, perfect add on for every course.  We will even include a beauty bed, LED light! All included on buy now pay later, you do not need to worry about the initial set up costs of running a business. We got you! Read about our Freedom package when you receive your information pack via email.

Are you ready to turn up the volume? Call our friendly staff at the salon to book your space. You can do it! x

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Why volume lashes

Volume vs Classic extensions explained

Lash weight guide

Different types of volume fans

Volume lash mapping

3D & 6D volume fan mannequin head practice

Safe application method of volume lashes

When not to apply volume lashes

Student completion of 4 models (2 x 3D application, 2 x 6D application)

Certification Upon Completion

If you are ready to expand your business today, contact us for a full course itinerary and next course dates.

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