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Lash and Brow Academy

Accredited vs Certified Explained

Many people are still under the impression that a non-accredited course has no value or authority in the lash and brow industry. This is not true. Non-accredited courses are great for learning a new skill set, or building on your existing skills and qualifications. What’s more, they are shorter in duration with the same outcome, meaning you can start your own business quicker.
Course fees are generally higher for accredited courses due to the trainer needing to pay a fee to the RTO for signing the student off. With our certified courses, you will be trained to RTO standards by qualified trainers at a smaller investment and your certification will allow you to work in the industry right away.
At Lash & Brow Academy, we have offered professional courses on lash extensions and brow microblading for 4 years. Every professional course offered is to tutor our students on how to safely provide lash extensions or brow microblading to their clients in line with RTO standards and the latest beauty demands. Our lash extension and microblading courses are certified upon when the courses are completed to industry requirement. It is important that a budding beautician attends an elite beauty academy that will equip you with knowledge of the leading techniques and skills.
There are a lot of talented artists that have certifications, and there are many artists that have RTO license and are not skillful. It all depends on if you are trained well or not by the training facility you choose. Many clients are left to contend with RTO licensed stylists, who have no idea what they are doing. Lash & Brow Academy, along with other creditable training academies, unfortunately spend a lot of time retraining technicians who have learned elsewhere.
It doesn’t matter so much if one has a certificate or an accreditation, you are still able to go on and start your own business or work for a salon. It matters is if the training academy you are about to attend has outstanding success stories of previous attendees. Will you learn better at the academy or not?

So how do you know who to trust? Research is crucial on your part before you choose who to learn your lash and brow skills through. Check reviews, company history, past student successes and compare course inclusions and post training support offered by your short list of training academies before choosing who to enrol with. Not only is the course investment a cost to your bank account and your future business, if you are not trained to a successful standard, being new to the industry, you will not know any different. This will result in you unknowingly carrying out poor work or techniques on clients and ruining your brand name as well as business success.
The 2018 Federal Budget allocated an extra $18.6 million to ASQA, and other similar bodies that regulate RTOs. This is to ensure that ASQA increases its compliance audits units to ensure that RTOs around Australia are very compliant. This will go a long way to ensure that RTOs offer a greater level of training to those enrolled.
As at 2017 and 2018, about 83 RTOs were shut down.
Those who got their licence there are expected to have a test retaken to be sure that they are knowledgeable enough.
What is a certificate?
This is the proof that you really completed the training. The certificate on lash extensions or microblading shows that you completed the course to industry standard level. Your certificate is signed by a registered Lash & Brow Academy trainer, not the RTO.
It is important that you earn a lash extension or brow microblading certification before you see yourself as a lash or brow artist. Our courses are designed to allow you get the necessary instruction and information needed to safely carry out treatments.
What is accreditation?
The accreditation is usually done to allow a third party assessment of the practices. To some, it shows that you are doing everything to a great standard. You understand how lash extensions are safely applied and so on. You have written and passed an exam concerning health and so on.
Certificates show that you were taught the courses, while the accreditation is meant to show that you understand a part of what you were taught.
Getting a certificate not only allows you to get the practical experience but is more affordable than accreditation. An accreditation costs a lot more than a certification, and may not be easily afforded by a salon that is just starting out.
You want elite training as well as pre and post training support and guidance at affordable prices, Lash and Brow Academy will ensure you achieve your goals.