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How To Increase Client Retention And Reduce No Shows

Salons, all over the world, have to battle with cases of clients booking appointments, not calling ahead to cancel the appointments, and not showing up. Hours are lost, and money is lost with the time lost. Clients that would have been catered to are ignored because of the appointments booked ahead by other clients, who do not show up on time.
It is every salon’s wish to retain their clients and create a league of loyal clients that will always troop in to get their lash extensions done, or other kinda of beauty services done.
This is why a retention program is needed. Before the retention program is started, a lot of your business’ aspects have to critically be examined.
This comes from the fact that almost everything occurs in the salon, from lash extensions to other beauty services, can affect how the client perceives the salon or if the client feels that the salon is out to satisfy his or her needs. While creating a client retention program, it is important that you start from the fundamentals before fine tuning it later on.

Basic Nature of A Client Retention Program
Some aspects have to be looked at while creating your own client retention program.
Stay Visible.
It’s been a long while since a client last visited your salon, and can’t quite remember the name of the salon. She wants a beauty service like lash extensions. It was probably her first visit, and have tried her best to remember the name, but nothing seems to be working. She then decides to check up Yelp or Google for salons that are close to her, and your salon’s name doesn’t pop up, not minding that it is closest to her. That of your competitor shows up because they invest a lot in ensuring they are visible. It is clear that you have lost that client.
Being a great stylist is good, but you have to create a strong presence on social networks, as well as on search engines. The world has changed, and a lot of potential clients are on the internet, lurking for salons to use.
Creating the awareness your salon needs is important but takes concerted effort. You should be out there to get repeat clients and potential clients before your competitors are able to snatch them up.
You can use the various marketing tools available like the social media, email, thereby getting your name out there regularly. For every content, you use in marketing strategy, ensure that it is helpful, interesting and relevant.
You can collect the necessary emails in your database by signifying that the first-timers should register or book appointments on your website using their emails.
If the appointments are made through phones or walk-ins, give them a first timer loyalty point for their email.
In the sign-up form to join an email list on your website, ensure that it has an incentive that will make visitors to the website type in their emails. You then regularly send them messages on different aspects of beauty services like tips on lash extensions and so on. This is to remind them that you still exist.
A Client Referral Program
You can motivate your clients to invite their friends or family members to the salon. You can do promotions, where incentive is given to clients, who refer their friends to your salon. You can send an email to your clients, alerting them of the promotion or incentive attached to inviting their friends and family members to use the salon.
Create A Team Work System For Your Salon.
It is important that every member of your team have goals that they are meant to achieve. Train your workers to work in sync because it will be threatening to clients if they see your team members squabbling or not in synchrony. You can create team-based projects.

Listen To The Thoughts of Your Clients
No one likes being ignored. When a client feels that her thoughts are not taken seriously, she will most likely not be a repeat customer. No matter what the client says, listen to her thoughts and watch her become a loyal client.

List The Problems That Will Affect Your Retention Program
List out all the problems or flaws of your salon, and its operation that will affect the retention program.
Is any of your beauty services’ stylist a nag? Is your music loud? Is your salon clean? How do your workers treat clients? How do clients view your websites? There are a lot of things that should be considered. If a client is not satisfied, the client will not come back.

To prevent cases of no-shows after appointments have been booked, your salon can do the following:
• Ensure your clients rebook a day before their appointment.
It is important that you alert your clients to rebook a day before their appointment to ensure that they cancel if any form of emergency has come up that would prevent them from honouring the appointment. If a client doesn’t rebook a day before the appointment, it is believed that the appointment has been cancelled.

• Create a booking system, where clients have to pay a percent of the fees as deposit when they book. When a client pays a part deposit, there is a great chance that the client will keep her appointment because of the part fee that was paid. This will save you from losing money and hours that would have been spent bringing in money to the salon.