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Lash and Brow Academy


Running a salon or a beauty service could be a really profitable business. A salon is mostly interested in making people look fantastic especially facially this would most likely involve helping a client with lash extensions, the lining of their eyebrows and so much more.
However, one problem that most salons face is the problem of retaining clients after their first time. This is due to the fact that most customers might not really be satisfied with the work done or it might some other reasons which you are not even aware of. The truth is that you cannot control all the actions of your clients. However, there are certain things that you can do increase the retention of clients. Such actions would include;
INCENTIVES: most salons which are successful are known to offer their customers a truckload of incentives for them to return back to their salons. This may include offering loyalty cards and gifts whenever a customer return to your salon after the first visit. When customers see that you offer incentives, this can serve as enough motivation for them to come back regularly to your beauty services. However, when offering these incentives, be careful that you do not ruin your business. It would be no point offering incentives if it is hitting your beauty service enterprise adversely. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you balance your financial records every once in a while.
TREAT NEW CUSTOMERS WITH SPECIAL CARE: you should remember that the only way you can successfully grow your business is by getting new customers and retaining them. Therefore, when you get a new client, make sure you treat them with utmost care. They will be observing how you run your business, so try not to disappoint. After they are done with whatever treatment they choose, try to give them a reason to come back. You could offer them some services such as your lash extension service as a discount price. This would definitely feel them happy and full of motivation to visit your salon regularly. Also having a booking system which would allow you to secure future deposits for appointments which have been fixed are very important. This is due to the fact that it can help reduce no shows
THE IMPORTANCE OF GIVING A LISTENING EAR: one of the most important part but which is normally neglected by a lot of people is listening to your customers. This is very important due to the fact that what a customer says can help you to know the kind of person who they are. It would also be useful in getting to know certain information which will help you to serve them better. Such information could involve details about the person’s preferences as regards to beauty services, their lifestyle and so much more. It is also important to listen to what the customer wants you to do for them. This is essential due to the fact that it is very easy to do something that was not requested. This would be terrible for your business
When a client feels that they are appreciated by you, they will be more inclined to keep coming back to your salon due to the fact that they now consider you a friend. Also ensure that if they have any questions or need any help whatsoever, you should be eager to offer any advice which you are sure will help them with their issue. By doing so on a regular basis, you can be sure that retaining your customers would be a piece of cake.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK IS CRUCIAL: another important factor which will weigh in when it comes to retaining your customers is feedback. It is all too easy to perform all the services your client request by asking them any questions. They would simply walk out of your store and never return without telling why they didn’t like the services which you rendered. Therefore it is important that you ask your customer for feedback especially during by heir first time at your salon. Perhaps you can ask them if they feel there is any way in which you can improve the services which you offer. You could even ask them to fill a little form about what they liked and what they did not like. Doing this would make your client feel that their needs are really prioritized and they will be delighted to keep coming if you make the effort to make the necessary changes.
HAVE SOME AVENUE IN WHICH YOU CAN CONTACT YOUR CUSTOMERS: it would also be a good idea to have some medium through which you can contact your customers especially if you have not seen them around in a while. A simple phone call or an email could make a lot of difference to them. It would show that you genuinely care about them. This will definitely make them come back to your salon.
Running a salon takes a lot of effort and dedication. This is especially true when it comes to the motivating them to return back to your salon. However, with good customer feedback and a friendly approach is sure to make them happy. Who knows? It could just be what you need to make your beauty service business into a successful one