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It can be thrilling to work or own a lash extension business to say the leash. Watching any business which you have contributed to over the years can bring joy and shock to your eyes and minds. However, the truth is before any business raises to the top, you would need to put in a lot of work and dedication which could see you get drained most mentally and physically. This is definitely no different when you are engaged in the lash extension business. You would need to put it a lot of work to get to the very top. The good thing about this is that your customers would definitely see the progress which you have made and would be more than happy to keep on requesting for your services. You would probably smile to yourself anytime a new customer steps through that door.
However, there is a price to pay when you commit yourself fully to any business. For some, they could face family issues, mental disorder and so much more. This also applies to lash extension business. In this business, there are some side effects which you probably should be aware especially if you intend to go into the business a long time. Some of these long-term effects include;
1. LITTLE TIME FOR YOURSELF: the first and obvious problem which comes with being a lash tech would be no time to really take care of yourself. The job can be very tasking and would require long hours of work to complete. Therefore, you can less time for yourself especially if the beauty service you work for expands or does not encourage a work-life balance. This would leave you struggling to keep up with problems with your health and so other important parts of your life. These could very include family and friends leading to a negative impact on your relationship with them. The solution to this problem if you are looking to go into it long term is to try to find a balance between work and life. This is necessary if you want to remain healthy when you are elder.
2. BACK PAINS: the work of a brown tech or lash tech usually involves a lot of straining of the back. You might not realize what you are doing now due to the fact that you feel no pain. However, in the long run, all the troubles which you have put your back through will come back to haunt you in full force. You could even develop serious chronic pain. This is one of the sad long time effects of being a lash technician. One way through you can solve this problem is by making a conscious effort not to put your back through any unnecessary pain. The truth is you might not really see the use for it now you are older, you would began to see how it has affected adversely and you would be grateful you took the necessary safety precaution.
3. BAD POSTURE: due to the back strains which has been earlier stated and other posture which has been taken by the body during the course of your job as a lash tech, you could be in for a lot of trouble when you are much older. It is very easy for you to lose your posture due to the body being used to taking other odd position for such long periods of time. Due to the fact that you would already be quite old, it would be very difficult for you to correct this posture. Therefore, it would be best to avoid this precarious situation when you can. Therefore, it would be best to try as much as possible to maintain the posture at all times, this would stand to help you when you are older.
4. HUNCHBACK PROBLEMS: most lash techs are used to bending all the time during work hours. This is normal as most times their job requires the utmost precision and accuracy in order to perform it efficiently. However, while there is a need to be efficient in your job, you owe yourself to work after your health properly. Excessive bending especially when standing can lead to you having hunchbacks in the distant probably when you are now aged. Hunchback is not a situation you would want for yourself at that age, so it is necessary that you try to avoid it now that you can. Therefore, you should avoid situations where you would have to bend consistency for such a long period of time. This is really for your good and you would be saving yourself from a lot of pain in the future.
Your health is more important than anything you can think of. Therefore, it is necessary you take steps to avoid the long-term effects of being a lash technician.