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Our Team

Meet Our Team


Kathleen Parata

– Founder & Director

As Founder of L&BA Kat has always had a dream to return back to her home land in New Zealand and this year, she has made this dream come true. After eleven long years in Australia and 9 of those years being in the beauty industry, working as a master in lash extensions and an eyebrow perfectionist, Kats goals have always been:

To work from home and have a peaceful home and work life balance by being her own boss and working her own hours

To teach and pass down her knowledge to those in need or want of starting their own home business

Open a salon and connect with a like minded business partner who has the same values and work ethics

Hire staff and open a training academy and lead with our passion for the beauty industry

Have a self- sustained beauty salon & academyin order to step away and overview business goals from another country and only have to return from time and time again

Where to from here Kat? “Since Covid-19 has impacted us and everyone we love in 2020 my goal setting moving forward has mainly been around helping my staff and my students to also sustain a work life balance. My vision to help my tribe is to provide the tools to those I love to enable more work or cash flow especially with the economy and very low access to growth building tools or systems. Already with the help of the Government we have been able to make my part time staff full time and guarantee them more money, teach my staff new skills like becoming teachers themselves in order to pass knowledge onto those who reach out for help, and moving forwards being able to help Kiwi ladies here in New Zealand to do the same.”


Amanda Neale

– Director & Training Manager

Amanda moved by herself from England over to Brisbane in 2013, determined to create a new life for herself. Amanda followed her passion for lash extensions into a career and business. Amanda met Kathleen back in 2017 as a client and student of Kathleen’s. Sharing the same motivation and similar goals, they came together in 2018 and expanded Kathleen’s vision for Lash & Brow Academy to what you see the business as today. What drives Amanda?

Continuously growing and evolving the L&BA brand through product and course development.

Working with the L&BA family to continue to offer training support to our students unmatched else where.

Maintaining online training growth with fresh and innovative content to deliver to our students.

Collaborating with our content team to bring unique and engaging content to our followers.

Developing the business and brand to continuously grow and align with Kat and Amanda's vision and goals.

Since becoming a Mum, Amanda works behind the scenes of the Lash & Brow Academy working on new training strategies, products and student/client initiatives for the company and for the L&BA Family. Our trusted L&BA Team do an incredible job as the trainers, technicians and faces of the business, leaving Amanda free to continuously work on the evolving phases of L&BA.


Head Trainer & Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist 

Shelby has been with our team for almost 3 years now since the start of her lash and brow career. Shelby’s loyal clients are attracted to Shelby’s friendly laid back vibe and her ability to create outstanding microblading and cosmetic tattooing on all of her clients. She is known for fixing even the most unfixable brow work brought in from else where. She teaches across all of our courses and works with our students online transforming them into boss lash and brow artists. Shelby is a mum of 2 beautiful boys and is booked months in advance for tattooing. Get in quick or call us to be added to her wait list.


Trainer & Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Jamie graced us with her presence 18 months ago now and soon become a vital part of our business. Whilst Jamie specialises in lip tattoo/lip blush and eyeliner and is trainer to so many of our successful students, her behind the scenes skills are second to none. The creator of our social media content and the cog that makes everything work and run smoothly for our in class students. There is nothing Jamie cannot do with brow styling and a cosmetic tattoo gun. She is hard to get hold of if not booked in advance, so call us for an obligation free cosmetic tattoo consultation and we can get you in for Jamie to work her magic on.

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