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Top Ten Tips Working From Home

You want to run a salon, but you don’t have the financial outlay to open a salon outside your home, you are in luck. You can create a home salon without spending a lot, but you will need to be detailed.
Owning a home salon will allow you to be your own boss while giving your clients the intimate experience and cut down on cost.
You should start the process by getting the appropriate registration and permits, as well as insurance for the home salon. You should also procure products that will be used in the home salon to ensure your clients feel comfortable, and you can get the work done easily. It may take a while to get a strong clientele base, that’s why it is important to increase one’s services at first. You are testing the water, and you don’t know which one will sell at first.

1. While setting up the home salon, ensure to get proper registration for it from your local government and relevant bodies. Opt for a business name that is intriguing and easy to understand. You should also know what the legal structure of your business should be. Get a tax identification number also, and ensure your business is made legal.

You can name the home salon using your name, or something you love and so on. There are some names that may be prohibited from being used as a business name in your state.
For your legal structure, ensure to consult an accountant or a lawyer. Many home salons and small businesses opt for the limited liability company structure. This will protect your assets if bankruptcy ever happens.

2. Get the necessary permits, licenses, as well as insurance cover required by your state, or city. It is important that the small salon is legal to prevent clamping down on by the authorities. You should check the website of your local government for details concerning insurance and licenses. You may also need to get a cosmetology license and other licenses related to the world of beauty services.
Depending on the program, a typical cosmetology program spans for a year or less. You may also need to get an insurance covering the property, as well as general liability. You may also need to get safety and health permits, as well as business license, sign permit, and home occupation permit. Ensure you find out the permits and licenses needed. The website of your local government should have the requirements stated.

3. Carry out renovations to meet whatever the local codes are. You may need to alter your home salon to meet the local codes of salons.
Some places may need you to place a permanent wall, barricading the rest of your house from the home salon. The salon may also need a public restroom, as well as another entrance.
You can take out loans to finance the renovations or get a silent partner that will fund renovations needed and so on. You will also need your landlord know about your plans before you start taking renovations if you don’t own the house you intend to use.

4. Create A Wet Station
The wet station is the place where clients’ hair will be conditioned and shampooed. Many clients expect that their hair will be washed before any procedure is done on it.
You may think of using a normal tub or sink, but getting a salon sink will add professionalism to the place.

5. Furnish The Home Salon, And Decorate It
It is important that the salon is comfortable to the client and is tastefully furnished. You can opt for wall colours that sit well and decorate the space well. You can use designs that are inspiring.

6. Endeavour to keep comfortable chairs, as well as mirrors that are large, and shelving system to store up equipment.
You should also purchase equipment like cutting supplies, and so on to allow you to do your work efficiently. You will need to get a conditioner, shampoo, hair gel, mousse, as well as spray. You will also need to regularly replace the inventory.

7. Create Social media profiles, as well as a website
You should create a website and include the address of your home salon, pictures of it, contact information, as well as the services you offer. You should also create active social media pages on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and so on to easily get your home salon and services your services promoted. You have to post intriguing content there regularly to engage potential clients and followers. Do not leave your profile vacant. You can request permission from your clients to post images of your work on their hair on different social networks. Social networks can turn your business, sales an ROI around.
8 Ensure Your Prices Are Affordable. They should be determined by your costs, and what those competing against you currently charge. Try and find out if your revenue will cover the cost, and you will still go home with profit of at least ten percent. Ensure your price reflects that.

9. Offer services that will satisfy your local clients.
Every locality has some services they prefer, unlike other localities. It is important that those services are offered. If you are sited in a non-affluent area, you can give cuts of affordable prices to ensure they patronize you.

10. Offer numerous services like extensions in your home salon to increase your clients patronizing you. You can add variety to your services to cater to many clients.