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Why Choose Microblading?

The eyebrows of a person are things another person see immediately they sight the person. They are important features of one’s face, and if they look great, there is a high chance that the person’s facial look will look amazing too. There are different ways of shaping and defining one’s brows, but a lot of the techniques available are usually annoying, while taking a long time to do. You may have been wondering if there is a way you can look amazing without waking up every morning to draw your brows.
No one enjoys the stress of drawing and shaping every morning, their brows before they head off to work. While at work, someone then tells them how they are not even.
They would like to wake up every morning, with their brows even and head to their workplace without worrying that uneven brows would end up spoiling their entire facial look.
This can be possible in reality, and not solely in a SciFi movie. You can now wake up with the perfect brows with microblading or the feather touch tattoo. You may wonder what microblading means, and how it differs from permanent brow tattoos.
The microblading technique is a form of art that allows you to have the best eyebrows for your face. The brows for a face differ from the brows for another face. The microblading technique is done delicately and very precise with the use of a pen, having a sloped blade of about twelve tiny needles that make up the nib.
I know chill ran down your spine after reading, ‘needles’. The needles are designed not to penetrate your skin, but to merely scratch the skin surface.
The needle used allow feather touch tattoo strokes using a pigment on the skin’s epidermis, thereby creating convincing strokes of natural hair.
If microblading or the feather touch tattoo is a tattoo, how then does it differ from having your brows permanently tattooed? You may ask yourself.
Feather touch tattoo is different from permanent tattooing, as the latter focuses on the skin’s deep layer, while microblading doesn’t.
Microblading is temporary lasting for a year to three years, and the same can’t be said of the permanent brow tattoos.
Microblading allows the hair strokes made to look natural and believable, unlike those made from the permanently tattooing a brow.
The microblading technique makes use of a handheld blade, unlike permanent tattooing that uses an electrical gadget.
Unlike the buzzing sound of a tattoo gun, the microblading blade makes a scratching sound.
Before the microblading is done, there is usually a test to ensure that there will be no allergic reaction to it.
Very few people have allergic reactions to microblading.
There are many reasons you should opt for the microblading technique and they are:
1. It can be seen as natural. You may be thinking that the feather touch tattoo will leave you with unnatural and thick tattooed brows, then you are mistaken. The brows look natural and fit your face perfectly. The expert makes sure that no one can tell if it is natural or not by the brows being perfect for your face. The designs of the brows are usually drawn first with pencil, then every hair is drawn on, instead of a traditional tattoo bold line. and perfected with a removable pencil.
You can decide to be conservative at the beginning, and then come for a touch up session to darken or thicken your brows. You will be left with a natural look with feather touch tattoo.

2. You can maintain them easily. You are no longer in the league of drawing brows daily. After your microblading, you have only to come for a touch up four or six weeks after, then you are done. The feather touch tattoo is semi permanent and can last for up to three years if maintained well. All you may do during this time are to have few appointments to darken or thicken them.

3. Microblading is not damaging if done by an expert. You are not under compulsion to shave your eyebrows before the microblading, as feather touch tattoo does not do any damage to the follicle.

4. Microblading is versatile.
Microblading can help you look good without stress. It can be used to fill in the eyebrows’ gaps. If you want to look great, you can opt for microblading technique.
The procedure usually lasts for only two hours. At the end of it, you will go home looking your best. It is of great importance to use only experts when microblading to avoid infections.